Sunday, August 29, 2010

we always start emails with "hey you" and end them with "okay, good night".

spending a week away from each other has felt good, mostly because she sends me cute updates about her family, good food and wine, and strange coincidences of books i'm reading hundreds of miles away (literally) falling into her lap. we're both perpetually confessing our crushes on each other: it's as obnoxious as it is totally honest and sweet.

this feels foreign, unsafe, exciting, and totally amazing.

i want to tell anyone who will listen (my friend may says that is a pretty good indicator that this is a fast and hard-falling crush). i'm putting up mats on the walls like they had in grade school gymnasiums to prevent injury.

i'm going to take lead from a libra horoscope i read this week:

Maybe this isn't such a backwards manner of decision-making, after all. Plenty of other folks rely first and foremost on what they intuitively sense to be true, without unduly burdening themselves with the need to definitively argue the case in factual terms. Sometimes, we just know...Linear logic, though a wonderful tool, doesn't always lead to 'the right answer'.

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